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More articles by Young Yang

Author Bio
Young Yang, who holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, is a senior enterprise architect at a Wall Street financial company. He is certified by IBM in e-business design, DB2 administration, business intelligence, XML and related technologies, and WebSphere Application Server; by Bea on WebLogic Application Server; and by Sun as an enterprise architect among others.
For Java Zone | January 18, 2008
Service Data Object (SDO) provides developers with an easy-to-implement mechanism for tracking data history at the system level. Learn how to use a Java implementation of SDO to track changes made to XML data.
For XML Zone | September 18, 2007
Web service performance depends largely on the size of the XML data being transmitted and the speed of XML processing. Fast Infoset helps greatly with those aspects.
For XML Zone | June 19, 2007
MTOM/XOP provides optimized SOAP message transmission, which boosts the performance of web services. Get an overview of the technology and see it in action with JAX-WS 2.0.
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