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App Development

Top Mobile App Development Companies

In a digital epoch, mobile applications are the linchpin that connects individuals to a galaxy of on-demand services, information, and entertainment. As businesses pivot to a mobile-first strategy, the quest

Software Development in INdia

Top Software Development Companies in India

India, a hub of technical innovation, hosts numerous software development firms. Among them, a select few shine brighter. Our list of top software development companies in India showcases these stars.

Epic Tower Shift

Epic CEO Shift Fuels American Tower’s Future

First Reported on: Leadership transition American Tower has reported its Q3 2023 earnings and revealed that CEO Tom Bartlett will retire on February 1, 2024. Steve Vondran is set

Solid-State Revolution

Toyota: Changing the Game With Solid-State Batteries

First Reported on: Toyota has revealed a significant advancement in solid-state battery technology and aims to initiate production by 2028. These cutting-edge batteries are expected to be lighter and

Electrifying Vehicles Rediscovered

The Journey of EVs Through Time

First Reported on: Early history of electric vehicles In an astonishing revelation, it has come to light that battery-operated vehicles had been a part of our history dating back

Bold Fiber

Orange’s Bold Fiber and 5G Expansion Plans

First Reported on: At the Network X 2023 event in Paris, Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Deputy CEO for Europe at Orange, laid out the organization’s ambitious plans for fiber and 5G

Amazon Drones

Revolutionizing E-commerce with Amazon Drones

First Reported on: Amazon aims to deploy delivery drones in the UK by the end of 2024, a decade after the project’s inception by its founder, Jeff Bezos. Although

Thrilling Career Triumphs

MIT Grads’ Unconventional Career Changes

Career transitions can be intimidating for high achievers, but several MIT graduates have completely reconsidered their professional lives and discovered success in different industries. These individuals sought opportunities that not