Jordan Williams

Hansen's Geoengineering Battle

James Hansen’s Bold Climate Battle

Climate scientist James Hansen, who initially brought climate change to the attention of Congress, has published a contentious new peer-reviewed paper in Oxford Open Climate Change. In the paper, Hansen

Triple Renewables

Triple Renewables: COP28’s Bold Climate Mission

On October 30, 2023, leaders of the upcoming COP28 climate summit, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and the Global Renewables Alliance urged governments to triple renewable energy capacity by

Innovation Unleashed

Netflix: Turbocharging Developer Productivity

Rising emphasis on developer productivity This year has seen a rising emphasis on developer productivity within the tech sector, an essential measurement for attaining improved business results. However, assessing productivity

Layoffs Economy Shake

Google Layoffs Shake San Francisco Economy

Google has revealed its intention to eliminate 75 positions at two neighboring sites in downtown San Francisco, further impacting the city’s already struggling economy. The job reductions at 199 and

iOS Update

Update Now: Apple’s Urgent iOS Security Boost

Tech behemoth Apple recently unveiled iOS 17.1, an essential update addressing 21 security issues, some of which could potentially allow hackers to take over iPhones. In light of these threats,

Haunted Home

Unforgettable Haunted House with Smart Devices

Creating a spine-chilling entrance with smart devices The key to making an unforgettable first impression at your Halloween event is to welcome your guests with a spooky entrance. Utilize your