Intel Experts Answer Your Parallel Programming and Multithreaded App Questions

Intel Experts Answer Your Parallel Programming and Multithreaded App Questions

If you have questions about application threading, memory management, synchronization, concurrency, or anything else related to parallel programming, who better to ask than the experts at Intel?

Starting Monday, April 19, the CodeGuru Forums will host a week-long open discussion on multithreaded application development and parallel programming with special guests from Intel. This “Slow Chat” gives you direct access to Intel “rock stars,” including “The Art of Concurrency” author Dr. Clay Breshears and Intel Parallel Programming Community Manager Aaron Tersteeg, who will field all your questions and share Intel insights on all things multicore.

Visit CodeGuru’s Slow Chat: Developing Multithreaded Applications forum any time during the week (April 19-23) to post your questions, or simply to tell the Intel guys about any multithreaded programming you’ve already done. This is your chance to go one-on-one with some of the brilliant minds behind the world’s leading processor technologies.

Join the discussion on the CodeGuru Forums at

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