JavaOne Speaker Lineup Shows Java Leadership

JavaOne Speaker Lineup Shows Java Leadership

From the ‘Who’s Who‘ files:

Yes, JavaOne is an Oracle event. Yes Oracle dominates the speaker list for JavaOne, but there are other vendors on that list too with strong representations.

Taking a quick look at the full speaker list provides a who’s who in the Java industry. It also provides an interesting look at who is trying to influence the present and future uses of Java.

After Oracle, the top company by speakers at JavaOne is…. (drum roll please…)

Red Hat with 14 speakers.

Following closely in third is IBM at 12.

That actually makes sense doesn’t it?

At this point in time it is Oracle, Red Hat and IBM that lead Java development. They’re also the trio that help to lead the OpenJDK project as well. It makes sense that those are the companies pushing their speakers forward to help be the voice of Java at JavaOne.

Sure there are other interesting companies that are well represented too.

Engine Yard which is a company I’ve been following for years has 6 speakers. Engine Yard is a Platform as a Service cloud vendor, that is usually thought of as a Ruby vendor, but they also use the JVM as part of JRuby. Intel also has a decent number of speakers also at 6.

So, while Oracle does run JavaOne and does lead the Java community, Java remains a vibrant ecosystem of multiple vendors.

JavaOne 2011 runs October 2 through 6 in San Francisco.

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