JCP 2011 Awards Set to Celebrate Java Excellence

JCP 2011 Awards Set to Celebrate Java Excellence

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The Java Community Process (JCP) has been very busy this past year. Which is why there are some really great items on the table for the JCP 2011 awards that will be announced at JavaOne 2011.

In 2010, JSR-299 Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform was in the Winners Circle for being among the most innovative JSRs. JSR-299 is a key part of Java EE 7.

For 2011, there are a pair of nominees which both will likely win for the most innovative JSR. They are JSR 334 also known as Project Coin and JSR 292:Supporting Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform.

Project Coin is a key part of the Java 7 platform. Project Coin provides improved type inferences for instance creation as well as other innovations that are aimed at improving developer productivity with more concise code.

With JSR 292, the JCP blog notes that, “As the first JSR specifically designed to support languages other than Java, JSR 292 will ensure the long-term success of the Java VM.”  Yeah that’s a big deal. The JVM has become a home for Ruby, Python and other dynamic languages, with JSR 292, that’s a home that will continue to expand in the years ahead.

The JCP awards also recognize people and there is one name on the list of nominees that stands out above all others, Mark Reinhold.

Reinhold successfully managed to lead the Java SE 7 process. It’s a process that stalled under Sun’s ownership and faced no shortage of challenges under Oracle. Yet Reinhold, standing on the shoulders of the community and JCP, managed to get the job done.

The JCP awards are formally being announced during JavaOne on October 4th.

JavaOne 2011 runs October 2 through 6 in San Francisco.

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