Join the Agile Architecture Revolution

Join the Agile Architecture Revolution

The suspense has been overwhelming. Since I began writing for this blog, I’ve been talking about the Agile Architecture Revolution. Not to be confused with Agile methodologies like Scrum, I answered the question Is Agile Agile? — with the answer, unfortunately, usually ending up a resounding no. After all, a core Agile principle is responding to change over following a plan, even if the plan is to be Agile, as I explained in the Scrum But Paradox.

Then last month, I answered the question Does Agile Architecture equal Agile Plus Architecture? The conclusion: for architecture to deliver business agility, rather than simply a better way to build software, we require a new paradigm for architecture.

Today, I am pleased to announce that the roadmap to the new paradigm is here: The Agile Architecture Revolution is finally available! This book cuts through the hype around Agile, architecture, as well as the overused notion of revolution to lay out a path for enterprises who are struggling with Cloud Computing, SOA, enterprise mobility, and all the cultural changes impacting both IT organizations and the enterprises that they enable.

This blog will continue to advance the architectural paradigm shift the book explains, and I’ll continue to skewer the nonsense that gets in the way. In the meantime, buy the book! Recommend it to friends and colleagues. And review it on Amazon and elsewhere. Spread the word about the Agile Architecture Revolution.

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