When will Java 7 ‘Officially’ be Available?

From the ‘Is it available or not?‘ files:

Yes, I know, Java 7 was already released.

There was a big Oracle event to ‘launch’ Java 7 in July. But if you go to Java.com today and try and download Java 7, you can’t.

Sure Java 7 is available if you look for it on Oracle.com but not on the main Java site and not as part of the Java updater either.

In my opinion, that means that Java 7 isn’t quite yet fully generally available for public use then is it?

Oracle has a small FAQ answer on this whole issue too.

“The new release of Java is first made available to the developers to ensure no major problems are found before we make it available on the java.com website for end users to download the latest version.”

That’s right, Java 7 isn’t quite yet ready for end users.

I suspect that will change very soon though. I asked Oracle this week if they had a timeline for when Java.com availability for Java 7 would occur and they didn’t know, yet. Java 7 for end users could show up as part of a JavaOne event launch though. The timing does kinda/sorta work. Then again, one of the key things going on at JavaOne 2011 is a bunch of discussion about Java 7 and how to effectively make use of its new features.

While those of us in the development community are well aware that Java 7 is around now, it’s important to remember that it’s still relatively early days for the release.

JavaOne 2011 runs October 2 through 6 in San Francisco.

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