YAB? Just What You Need

YAB? Just What You Need

The launch of the DevXtra Editors’ Blog is bound to raise the YAB (yet another blog) questions: Why, and why now? Those are fair in an age when everyone with an Internet connection and an opinion is blogging. Let me explain.

Simply stated: The DevX editors have more to say. Being located in Silicon Valley places DevX at ground zero for developer news and events. In the past month alone, Eclipse, RSA, and MySQL/Sun (I’m still getting used to that) have hosted conferences in the Valley, and JavaOne kicks off on May 6 in San Francisco. While that’s a blessing for keeping us in the know about major developments in the application development space, it’s also a curse in terms of managing the information overload that can accumulate–while still producing the practical how-to content you’ve come to expect from DevX.

The DevXtra Editors’ Blog enables us to pass along the observations and interesting tidbits that in the past have been relegated to water cooler discussions and editorial meetings–too short to be full articles, too extemporaneous to be tutorials. Now we have a space to share this (we think) valuable information, and DevX readers get to see who’s behind the curtain, find out what’s got us buzzing, and participate in a dialogue.

We hope you’ll find the DevXtra Editors’ Blog informative, enjoyable, and provocative. Most importantly, we urge you to share your thoughts about our postings and help make this more than just YAB.

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