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VC++ to Aim at Full ANSI/ISO Compliance?

Herb Sutter is a recognized expert on C++ software development. Author of more than 150 technical articles and of the widely acclaimed books Exceptional C++ and More Exceptional C++, he

How to Generate C++ Class Template Definitions

++ class template header and implementation (skeleton) definitions are often hard to read, let alone to write. Especially when defining template classes that are derived from base template classes, I

Not Much to ‘C’ in C#

# is getting a lot of attention these days?so much attention that some DevX readers have begun to remonstrate on what they consider excessive coverage, especially for a language that

(The Other) Top 10 Changes in C# Beta 2

s the first new commercial language Microsoft has introduced since Visual Basic 1.0 in 1991 (FoxPro was acquired in June 1992), C# is quickly garnering heavy attention from interested spectators

Top 10 Changes in C# Beta 2, Part I

rue to its word, on June 18, Microsoft released Visual Studio.NET Beta 2 to the eagerly awaiting attendees of Tech?Ed 2001 in Atlanta. The availability of this second (and last?)

The Top 20 C++ Tips of All Time

he following tips are a collection of general hands-on techniques and recondite pieces of knowledge not associated with a specific platform, programming domain, or compiler. As such, they can be