Breakthrough Battle

AI-Generated Drugs?

Biotech firm Insilico Medicine, recognized for its AI-driven research, recently announced the start of Phase I clinical trials for its groundbreaking AI-created oral drug that aims to combat COVID-19. Based

Gallium Breakthrough

Gallium Oxide Semiconductor Breakthrough

A group of researchers at Zhejiang University in China has made significant strides in the development of gallium oxide semiconductors, potentially granting the country a competitive advantage in the face

Revolutionary Energy Boom

Biden Sparks Clean Energy Jobs Boom

The Biden administration has recently shared specific information about the execution of the Inflation Reduction Act, which centers on generating clean energy employment opportunities with high standards for salaries and

Explosive Corruption Unraveling

NSI Probe Unravels Corruption Scandal

A criminal investigation is currently underway at Ningbo Semiconductor International Corp (NSI), a subsidiary of SMIC, focusing on accusations of embezzlement and corruption involving the firm’s founder, Herb Huang He,

India Semiconductor Dominance

India’s Leap into Semiconductor Dominance

In a recent announcement, Nimish Modi, Senior Vice President of Cadence Design Systems, and Jaswinder Ahuja, Managing Director for India, emphasized the necessity for India to assume a leadership position

Semiconductor Industry Supremacy

Reviving Japan’s Semiconductor Industry Supremacy

Japanese officials are intent on recapturing their country’s dominance within the highly competitive semiconductor industry. Japan’s stake in the global semiconductor market has waned over the past three decades due

Soaring Sales

Soaring Semiconductor Sales Defy Challenges

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) recently announced that global semiconductor sales reached $43.2 billion in July 2023, a 2.3% increase from the $42.2 billion recorded in June 2023. However, this

China Solar Market

China’s Solar Panel Market Skyrockets

Chinese solar companies have experienced a significant increase in profits, primarily due to the high demand for and rising sales of their solar panels. China, as the world’s leading solar