20 Real-World Examples of Embedded Systems

20 Real-World Examples of Embedded Systems

Embedded systems can change how your business operates and stay competitive in the market. A product can perform more functions and cover more end-user needs with the right embedded software

Google Geothermal

Google partners with NV Energy for geothermal

Google has announced plans to significantly expand its global operations with investments in sustainable energy and data infrastructure. The tech giant is partnering with NV Energy to power its Nevada

aitech showcase

aitech to showcase tech at MOSA Summit

Aitech is set to showcase its latest advancements in military embedded systems at the MOSA Industry & Government Summit. The company will emphasize technologies built around the SOSA open standards

Musk Lawsuit

Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI

Elon Musk has dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company he co-founded in 2015. The move comes after OpenAI published several of Musk’s emails from the company’s early

Musk EVM

Musk sparks debate over Indian EVM security

Elon Musk has stirred up controversy in India by suggesting that electronic voting machines (EVMs) can be hacked. His comments have reignited an ongoing debate about the security and reliability

Groundbreaking Alpha

Runway unveils groundbreaking Gen-3 Alpha model

Gen-3 Alpha was designed from the ground up for creative applications, which enables it to understand and generate a wide range of styles and artistic instructions. — Cristóbal Valenzuela

Digital Advances

Applied Digital advances AI with sustainable data centers

Applied Digital is making significant strides in the fields of High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence. The company offers services through two main segments: next-generation datacenter colocation services and AI GPU

Bot Denied

AI bot denied chance to run for Mayor

Victor Miller filed paperwork to run for mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, with a unique twist. His customized ChatGPT bot, named Virtual Integrated Citizen or “Vic,” would make all the decisions.

Amazon Internet

Marubo tribe in Amazon gains internet access

The remote Marubo tribe in the Amazon rainforest has recently been connected to the internet through Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite service. The introduction of high-speed internet has brought both opportunities