Jio Outage

Reliance Jio faces widespread internet outage

Reliance Jio, India’s largest mobile network operator, is facing a widespread outage affecting millions of users across the country. Customers are reporting issues with mobile internet services, Jio Fiber, and

AI iPhones

Apple brings AI to iPhones

Rare chez Apple, l’adoption de nouveaux logos With new logos for Siri and Apple Intelligence, Apple joins OpenAI and others in AI branding that is non-threatening, simple, and non-anthropomorphic

Celtics Finals

Celtics aim to clinch NBA Finals at home

And with the 3rd pick in the 2017 NBA Draft… 1 game away from clinching his first NBA Championship, listen to Jayson Tatum talk about the night he was drafted

wildlife thrivings

UCLA study finds thriving wildlife in L.A.

Los Angeles is home to a surprising variety of unique species, according to a recent study by biologists at UCLA. Through the L.A. Biodiversity Index, researchers identified several native and

Sedated Lion

Apple Watch helps monitor sedated lion

Dr. Chloe Buiting, a wildlife veterinarian, has demonstrated a novel way to monitor a lion’s heart rate using an Apple Watch. In a recent video, she showcased a sedated lion

Raspberry Surge

Raspberry Pi debuts with 38% stock surge

Raspberry Pi, the renowned maker of tiny single-board computers, made its debut on the London Stock Exchange with a remarkable 38% surge in stock price. The company priced its shares

Coalition Axe

Coalition vows to axe Illawarra wind farm

Peter Dutton walking away from climate action means higher energy bills for Australians and it means he is once again abandoning the field in the Pacific. — Senator Penny