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Introducing Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services : Page 2

With the next release of Windows SharePoint Services, the terminology has changed. Windows SharePoint Services runs only on Windows Server 2003 to provide team services and sites to Office 2003 and other desktop applications. Windows SharePoint Services also serves as a common application development platform used by Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

Choosing Views by Metadata Properties
Normal directories are limited in what kind of metadata they can provide, not serving up much more than file name, file size, creation date, read-only attributes, and so on. In contrast, Windows SharePoint Services puts you in control of what information is stored about items in the document libraries. This allows you to do more effective searches and view content in ways that help you do your work.

Figure 2 shows a view of articles that are going to be published in the magazine, their volume and issue numbers, and their current status in the publishing cycle. What this means is that you can create views that let you target the most relevant items in the document library. For example, you can create a view for just one volume number, for one issue, or for a specific status value, such as Acquired. In Figure 3, the view shows only those items with the Acquired status. You can see that in a library with potentially thousands of items, views become increasingly important.

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