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Porting Visual C++ Code to Visual Studio 2005

Though the changes in Visual Studio 2005 represent a major improvement over non-compliant hacks that have been in use since the mid-1990s, fear of breaking existing C++ apps has led many project managers to avoid upgrading. This checklist helps you to locate and repair incompliant code so you can upgrade your apps--without breaking them.

our months ago, Microsoft publicized a list of features that could cause existing Visual C++ apps to break when migrated to Visual Studio 2005. Many of these features are core C++ updates that are meant to bring Visual C++ to full compliance with ISO C++. There's no doubt that these changes are a major improvement over the non-compliant hacks that have been in use since the mid-1990s. The downside is that migrating to Visual Studio 2005 requires a thorough code review—and possibly some repairs. The following sections show some of the code changes required for porting existing C++ apps to Visual Studio 2005.

Your Visual C++ 6.0 apps will not compile when migrated to Visual Studio 2005 unless you fix them. How do you go about it?

Use this check list to locate incompliant code spots and repair them according the following guidelines.

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