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Target 32- and 64-bit Platforms Together with a Few Simple Datatype Changes

Just because you aren't porting to 64-bit now, doesn't mean you should be ignoring the new coding guidelines. You can make a few simple adjustments now that will target your C+ code dually for 32/64-bit, leaving you in great shape for when the 64-bit requirement finally arrives.

n the early 1990s, 64-bit systems were considered "a solution waiting for a problem." In 2005, however, this technology is rapidly gaining a critical mass of users. Even if you're aiming at 32-bit platforms for the time being, adding 64-bit compliance to your coding checklist guarantees a smooth migration to 64-bit platforms in the future. This solution shows you how to write dually-targeted code.

How to write single-source code that can be deployed on both 32- and 64-bit environments without necessitating code rewriting?

Follow the 64-bit compliance coding guidelines.

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