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Use Globally Unique Identifiers in Access and SQL Server : Page 4

When your business outgrows your database systems, using globally unique identifier (GUID) values in Access and SQL Server can offer a timely solution.

The GUID datatype is here to stay. Its presence in Access and SQL Server makes both products viable systems for the largest of projects, even if most of us never use it. Fortunately, the technology behind the GUID datatype is simple to understand and implement—just being aware of it and its functionality opens the door to easier solutions. Not many database developers hit the 2-billion-record ceiling, but if it could happen to you, design for success with GUIDs.

Susan Sales Harkins (harkins@iglou.com) is an independent consultant with an expertise in Microsoft Access. SQL: Access to SQL Server, her latest book, was released in January 2002. Currently, Susan writes for a number of publishers including Element K Journals, PC Magazine, builder.com, and DevX.
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