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Send Critical MySQL Data to Your Users Automatically : Page 4

With SQLyog Job Agent, a multithreaded application that enables you to develop MySQL notification applications, you can automate and schedule MySQL database jobs to provide data to users when they need it—regardless of their locations.

Specify Query
Figure 6 shows the page where you specify the query (or queries) that you want to execute. You can separate multiple queries using semicolons (;).

Figure 6: Query for the Job

Click Parse to check whether your query (or queries) are valid or not.

Click Next to specify what you want to do with the job.

Executing Jobs
Figure 7 shows the page where you specify what you want to do with the job.

Figure 7: Different Options to Execute the Job

Select Execute Now to start up SJA as a child process that executes the query (or queries) and sends the resultset(s) over email. The last step of the wizard shows the complete details of the process.

Select Save As Job File to save the information as a XML definition file. You can then pass this file as an argument to SJA.

Select Save & Schedule It to save the information and schedule it. In Windows, SQLyog uses Windows Task Scheduler to schedule the app.

Click Next to go to the next page.

Finishing Up the Notification Wizard
Figure 8 shows the final page of the Notification Wizard.

Figure 8: Finishing Up the Job

If you selected Execute Now in the previous page (see Figure 7), this page of the wizard would show the complete details of the process.

Figure 9 shows a screenshot of my Outlook with a sample resultset.

Figure 9: Sample Email Generated by SJA

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