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A Test Drive of the MySQL Migration Suite

Got data in a proprietary database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle 9i? The MySQL Migration Suite can help you move it to the MySQL open source database. Find out what's involved in the migration and how well the suite facilitates the transition.

he MySQL Migration Suite facilitates the movement of data from a proprietary database application. This MySQL product suite consists of three tools:

The MySQL Migration Toolkit uses an eight-step process to ease the transition of data from a proprietary database (such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle) to the MySQL open source database. The MySQL Query Browser adds color-coded editing and auto code-generating capabilities, which makes managing your databases, tables, and history much easier. Grouped with the MySQL Administrator, the suite also reduces the complexity of the DBA's chores, such as backup, viewing server logs, and optimizing server performance.

What You Need:
* 32-bit Windows platform running the Java Runtime Environment Standard Edition 1.4.2
* MySQL version 4.1 and higher (OS independent)
* Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or Microsoft Access data

Generous Licensing

The most obvious advantage for migrating to MySQL is the end user licensing agreement. MySQL is released under a dual licensing model, providing both open- and closed-source product solutions:
  1. The open source license: if you have a product that is released under the General Public License (GPL) and you wish to include MySQL in the product, you are at liberty to do so with no financial obligation to the MySQL corporation.
  2. The commercial license: if you develop a product that includes the MySQL server in your product and you do not want to release the source code of your product you must use the MySQL commercial license.

A very interesting aspect of the MySQL Open Source license is that it allows you to use the MySQL database to power any application—GPL or not—so long as you don't distribute copies of the MySQL engine you use. MySQL remains free for users who never copy or distribute the MySQL software, whether or not they release the source code, regardless of custom changes to the MySQL server.

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