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Calculate Percentiles with SQL Server 2005 : Page 2

Learn one of the techniques for calculating percentiles with SQL Server 2005 using the new SQL Server Common Table Expression and the latest ROW_NUMBER function.

Calculating Percentiles with Grouping
The query in the previous section evaluates only the overall percentile. What if you want to calculate the 75th percentile for each department? That query looks a little more complex because it contains two CTEs:

DECLARE @percentile FLOAT
SELECT @percentile = .75;

WITH partition_row_count(dept, row_cnt) AS
   SELECT dept, COUNT(*)
   FROM employee
   GROUP BY dept
   HAVING COUNT(*) > 1
emp_sal(dept, salary, prev_rank, curr_rank, next_rank) AS
   SELECT e.dept, e.salary, 
         (ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY e.dept ORDER BY e.salary) - 2.0) / (c.row_cnt - 1), 
         (ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY e.dept ORDER BY e.salary) - 1.0) / (c.row_cnt - 1), 
         (ROW_NUMBER() OVER ( PARTITION BY e.dept ORDER BY e.salary) + 0.0) / (c.row_cnt - 1)
   FROM employee e 
   JOIN partition_row_count c ON c.dept = e.dept
SELECT t1.dept, 
   WHEN t1.salary = t2.salary THEN t1.salary
   ELSE t1.salary + (t2.salary - t1.salary) * ((@percentile - t1.curr_rank) / (t2.curr_rank - t1.curr_rank)) 
FROM emp_sal t1 
JOIN emp_sal t2 ON t1.dept = t2.dept
WHERE (t1.curr_rank = @percentile OR (t1.curr_rank < @percentile AND t1.next_rank > @percentile))
  AND (t2.curr_rank = @percentile OR (t2.curr_rank > @percentile AND t2.prev_rank < @percentile))

The first CTE partition_row_count returns the row count for each department, which the second CTE will utilize to calculate the rankings. Table 1 shows the results.

Table 1. 75th Percentile for Each Department

In the Real World
In 2005, I implemented an online survey application for PricewaterhouseCoopers. The application collects participants' data and compiles it into numerous performance measures, such as EBITA (Earnings Before the deduction of Interest, Tax, and Amortization expenses). Using the technique described in this article, the application provides participants with the quartiles of each performance measure and informs them of their position on the scale. I'll leave the job of modifying the SQL to find out the percentile position for any given value to you.

Cecil Lew is an independent consultant who specializes in database design and .NET framework development.
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