DevX Special Report: The Road to Ruby

Does the Ruby programming language offer enough power and elegance to make it a legitimate alternative to the current heavyweight languages? Many Ruby converts believe so, but don’t take their word for it. Find out for yourself. DevX has compiled a series of tutorials to lead Java, C#, and C++ developers along the road to Ruby.

Ruby’s versatility and flexibility complement Java well. That’s why a Java developer who can program in Ruby is more effective and efficient than one who programs only in Java.

As good as C# is, it’s not always the best language for simple tasks. Enter Ruby, an interpreted, dynamically typed language that enables simple tasks with simple code.

C++ developers learn Ruby at their own peril. Once they become familiar with this powerfully concise language, they may find returning to C++ a bitter pill to swallow.

These are the five must-have tools and libraries that any professional Ruby developer needs to have in his or her toolbox.

There’s no better way to experience the elegance and power of Ruby than to fire up your code editor and start writing Ruby code. Create a small, useful Ruby application, and along the way, you’ll learn what makes the language tick.
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