#3: Object-Oriented Programming

OOP is not language specific, but as with most things, it is easier to learn while using concrete examples. For this reason, you may want to first pick a language from the four names in the following section. After making the leap to OOP in one language, youll find its relatively easy to transfer the basic principles of your knowledge to any other OOP language.

Basic Principles:
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Other Articles:
Choosing specific OOP articles is nearly impossible?either the articles were written with OOP languages, or they werent. Probably the best track you can take is to follow through on your current choice of language, and look in the appropriate DevX area for the language youre working with. Youll find links to the zones in the Good Links section, below. But here are a few that might help you get started.

Using Abstract Classes in Visual Basic.NET
Visual Basic .NET: A Punch of a Tool
Take Advantage of Streams and Formatters in VB.NET
Using Abstract Classes in Visual Basic.NET
Learning C# and OOP: Getting Started, Objects and Encapsulation

Getting Started With Java
Implement Persistent Objects with Java Serialization
Ten Java Maxims From Bruce Eckel
The Proper Way to Do Exception Handling
Roll Your Own Swing-Based XML Editor (A Three Part Series)
Java Data Objects: Standard, Simplified Access to Persistent Data

How to Use Classes for File I/O
Exception Handling
How to Create Persistent Objects
Implementing the Singleton Design Pattern

JavaScript Object Orientation
Build an Object-Oriented Tree Control using JavaScript
Creating Classy Menus with JavaScript
Generate Tabbed Interfaces Automatically with JavaScript OOP
Encapsulate Your JavaScript: Keep Private Methods Private

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and UML
Principles of OOP I

Good Links:
DevX .NET Zone
DevX Java Zone
DevX C++ Zone
Object Management Group
Java Tutorial: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
GNA Academy: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++

Discussion Groups:
DevX design.architecture Discussion Group
DevX vb.oop Discussion Group

Object-Oriented Methods: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition), by Ian Graham.

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