Book Excerpt: GDI+ Programming: Creating Custom Controls Using C#

Book Excerpt: GDI+ Programming: Creating Custom Controls Using C#

his book is designed for the professional developer or tecnhical lead who needs to write GDI+ code for either Windows Forms or for Web Forms applications. Upon completion of this book, the reader will be able to:

  • Program in GDI+ and understand the concepts on which GDI+ is based
  • Build custom controls in Windows Forms and Web forms
  • Enhance design-time support
  • Construct a custom server side bitmap file and display it on a Web page
  • Create a Web Service that serves up custom images

The book is oriented towards a business applications audience and presents designs and techniques that will be useful in such an environment. The information in the book regarding the semantics of GDI+ is language agnostic and the examples are written in C#. A good working knowledge of C# syntax and of the .Net framework is assumed.

Chapter 6, “GraphicsPaths and Regions,” discusses how to use the GraphicsPath class to describe paths in GDI+, describe regions using the Region class, and what the similarities, differences, and relationships are between GraphicsPath and Regions.

Download the PDF of Chapter 6: “GraphicsPaths and Regions”

Reproduced from GDI+ Programming: Creating Custom Controls Using C# by permission of Wrox Press. ISBN 1861006314, ? 2002. All rights reserved.

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