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A Return to Command-Line Control with Windows Powershell : Page 3

The new Windows Powershell not only provides flow of control, but the strong typing of its variables and expressions enables you to manipulate them and create scripts that leverage the .NET Framework.


WMI Made Easy

Having experimented with how to use cmdlets to retrieve WMI data with Powershell, I found an infinitely better solution in two other utilities—Scriptomatic and WMICodeCreator—that make child's play out of collecting performance data.

Need to write custom code to learn how to work the WMI classes and objects? No sweat. It takes just a few steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft TechNet's Scripting Tools and Utilities page.
  2. Install Scriptomatic or WMICodeCreator.
  3. Select the WMI Namespace root\CIMV2.
  4. Select the WMI Class Win32_Product.

Voilà! You have instant computer inventory for the local computer. You can do the same for any remote computer you can access. You can learn about every subsystem on the box (and Scriptomatic's "read me" is hysterical!)

Scripting and System Information Access for the Rest of Us

The belief that creating scripts to read Windows internals is beyond mere mortals is wrong. Simply extracting some statistics describing your box is easier than ever using Scriptomatic and WMI CodeCreator, reducing the work that used to be required to just asking the interface for what you want. Likewise, working with the .NET Framework's objects and services does not mean wrestling with a new framework, a new language, or a new IDE—now you have Powershell.

Powershell, WMICodeCreator, and Scriptomatic enable you to access all the system information you ever wanted, without learning a lick of Perl (and perhaps not even SQLCMD, unless you really want to <g>). And for the WSH whizzes out there who work cheek-by-jowl with real ETL programmers (that's how UNIX people think of themselves), Microsoft has delivered great new tools that level the playing field and get you home early!

Drew Georgopulos is a Technical Lead for Collaborative Consulting in Woburn, Massachusetts. He has more than 20 years' experience in database programming and design. Using SQL Server and its related technologies, Drew helps organizations meet their goals by creating ETL solutions that build data quality into their business intelligence processes.
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