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Book Excerpt: Expert One-on-One Visual Basic 2005 Design and Development

This book covers the process of .NET application design and development from conception to deployment. Unlike many .NET books, this one uses VB.NET code for the examples, and even includes specific techniques such as this "Splash Screen" sample chapter.

As the most popular programming language in the world, VB 2005 offers a rich array of programming options that even experienced VB programmers will find challenging. Well-known Visual Basic expert Rod Stephens tackles the issues that pros face when creating complex applications, covering topics that most other VB books ignore or gloss over, such as design, modeling, testing, reflection, and advanced memory management. Packed with code examples, this book:
  • Shares the best methods for mastering many advanced features of VB 2005
  • Discusses the design activities that are necessary before VB development can begin
  • Covers processes that occur after development (such as deployment, update management, and testing) that are essential to a successful VB project but are not part of the language itself
This downloadable excerpt of Chapter 19, "Splash Screens," lays out the process and considerations for one of the most common tasks that developers are called upon to do—and one that has caused untold amounts of trouble for them. Find out how to display non-rectangular splash screens, control splash screen duration, show application load progress, create About dialogs, and other often-requested, but not-so-well-known splash-screen features.

Download the PDF of Chapter 19: "Splash Screens."

Reproduced from Expert One-on-One Visual Basic 2005 Design and Development by permission of Wiley Technology Publishing. ISBN 9780470053416, copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

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