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Code-Free User-Interface Design with Expression Blend

Find out how easy user-interface design is with Microsoft's new, full-featured design tool.

icrosoft Expression Blend is a new full-featured design tool for creating highly-interactive and sophisticated Windows application user interfaces using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). With Expression Blend, a designer can design and create the UI of an application without worrying about the logic of the application. Once the UI is completed, it can be passed to the developer who will in turn code the business logic of the application.

Because Expression Blend is a very powerful and sophisticated design tool, getting comfortable with using it requires some effort. Part 1 of this series will take you on a quick tour of Expression Blend, showing you how to perform simple animations on a Windows application and how to control them.

Obtaining Expression Blend
At the time of writing, there are two different versions of Expression Blend available:

  • Expression Blend 1.0 (download a free trial here)
  • Expression Blend 2 September Preview (download a free trial here)
The key difference between these two versions is that Expression Blend 2 September Preview supports the building of Silverlight applications (see my article on Silverlight here). This article will use Expression Blend 1.0.

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