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Apply the New Vista APIs to Sidebar Gadgets, Part 1  : Page 2

Explore the various Windows Vista Sidebar gadget objects and how they can be used to enhance the functionality of your gadget.

To access the contacts information stored in Windows Contacts (Start—>Programs—>Windows Contacts), you can use the following objects:
  • System.ContactManager
  • System.Contact

The System.ContactManager Object
This object exposes a collection of System.Contact objects through its Contacts collection. The following code gets all the contacts (located in C:\Users\<User_Name>\Contacts) and passes it to the contacts variable:

//---get all contacts---
var contacts = System.ContactManager.Contacts;
To access each contact individually, you can use its item property (zero-based):

//---get a particular contact (first contact)---
var contact = System.ContactManager.Contacts.item(0);
The count property provides the number of contacts retrieved:

//---get a particular contact (first contact)---
var count = System.ContactManager.Contacts.count;
The System.Contact Object
This object contains all the details of a contact. The following code shows how to retrieve all the contacts on the local computer and then prints out the details of each individual contact:

 //---get all contacts---
   var contacts = System.ContactManager.Contacts;

   var result = document.getElementById("result");
   result.innerHTML = "";

   //---print the details for each contact---
   for (i=0; i<contacts.count; i++)
      result.innerHTML += "<b>" + contacts.item(i).name + "</b><br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).city + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).country + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).defaultEmail + "<br/>";         
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).filePath + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).homePhone + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).mobilePhone + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).POBox + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).postalCode + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).state + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).street + "<br/>";
      result.innerHTML += contacts.item(i).workPhone + "<br/>";

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