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Configuring WCF Services and Getting Them Ready to Ship : Page 3

Get your WCF services production ready by learning all the configurable entities that make a WCF service rock solid and ready to ship.

The Code for the Final Version
Listing 1 shows the final version of the application config file, and Listing 2 shows the corresponding client version of the same file (See Sidebar 3. Managing Service Config Versions). Both are ready to ship!

Configuration Key to WCF Service Deployments
This article explained the most essential elements of a WCF configuration that you need to make a stable release. Configuration management is a big part of managing WCF service deployments. Having a strategy early on in the development phase and understanding what happens with changes to the different sections in the configuration will go a long way toward successful WCF service deployments and maintenance.

Vibhu Srinivasan is an Architect and Agile coach working in Seattle. He coaches teams on developing systems with .NET, Java, and Agile technique. He has 12+ years of enterprise software development experience building large-scale systems and he recently has been a chief architect for an online gaming infrastructure initiative.
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