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Developing Web Services: Handling Problems Along the Way

Once developers recognize certain design issues and patterns, the first barrier to Web services development is conquered. In this second article in a five-part series, we cut through another barrier with common sense guidance to help developers gain proficiency quickly and avoid the most common problems.

he Web services concept—connecting standardized components via well-advertised interfaces—seems as if it would make for simple programming. While there are developer tools available to ease the creation process, there is a need for detailed knowledge of the programming domain. There are several key implementation choices that make the difference between a difficult project and one that sails along.

The first article in this series described good design practices; this article will discuss specific development techniques that will get you quickly past the more complicated programming challenges that will arise.

These techniques fall into four general categories:

  • Enhancing Interoperability
  • Adding Security to your Web Service
  • Choosing the Right Development and Testing Tools
  • Preparing for Deployment

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