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Learn the Eight Principles of Web Services Management : Page 8

So now that you know how important foresight and planned management are to the success of your organization's Web services transition, the next step is knowing what you need to squeeze out of your management platform. We give you practical advice in eight easy steps.

Principle #7—Give Priority Attention to Management Messages
It can be very important to prioritize the management messages above the business-oriented messages in the Web services platform and in the Web service itself. When a management message and a business message arrive at the platform at the same time, priority should be given to the management message; the business-oriented message should be queued for later processing.

Experience suggests that Web services management messages be distinguished and treated differently from other business-oriented SOAP messages. Moreover, the guidelines for managing the Web service differ from managing the platform. Let's assume the platform is functioning properly and attention can be focused on the requirements of any Web service that is using it.

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