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Next-gen analytics, cloud, mobile apps even bigger in 2011

The coming year promises a new wave of opportunities for IT professionals who are well positioned to stay ahead of the curve.

The Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2011 were recently announced by Gartner, the self proclaimed world’s leader in information technology research and advisory company. Training.DevX.com explores this list, discussing how tech professionals are already using the technologies in cool new ways, and furthermore—how these individuals can ready themselves to work on these technologies.

The Top Strategic Technologies for 2011 (per Gartner) are:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Mobile applications and media tablets
  3. Social communications
  4. Video
  5. Next generation analytics
  6. Social analytics
  7. Context-aware computing
  8. Storage class memory
  9. Ubiquitous computing
  10. Fabric-based infrastructure and computers

Learn how these technologies are already coming into play in businesses today, and discover how tech professionals can earn certifications and complete training that would allow them to capitalize on these trends by reading the full article at Training.DevX.Com:

Top Ten Strategic Technologies to Know for 2011

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