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Citrix OpenCloud: The Seven-legged Cloud Service : Page 2

Despite lacking some developer-friendly tools offered by other cloud services, Citrix OpenCloud provides seven solutions that together can meet almost any cloud-based need.


Development and Testing in OpenCloud

The seventh and final leg of the Citrix OpenCloud solution is the ability to develop and test applications in the cloud. Many times an application must be coded and developed on a piece of hardware in a full desktop environment. Citrix allows you to completely remove the hardware side of development and provides benefits not found in a closed-environment. Applications in development can be tested early on against the current network to find any integration issues -- something that usually happens after compilation. Applications created in the cloud can also integrate online and offline components simultaneously.

Again, with the ability to develop and test applications in the cloud, Citrix does not provide a language or platform to develop on. Apps will need to be written in a Linux/Windows environment using a language of your choice.


As businesses grow larger, having to manage hundreds of physical computers with varying operating systems, hardware, and software becomes increasingly difficult. Taking a cloud-based virtual approach saves an IT department from having to service physical hard drives, install the same application on hundreds of computers, or manage different versions of an OS. Citrix OpenCloud centralizes your company's infrastructure and makes it easy to implement an update or application on all user "computers" at once. Users can also access their personalized workspace anywhere -- the office, home or on the road. This simplifies the troubleshooting process for IT professionals and creates a fluid experience for users as they move from machine to mobile device and back again.

The seven "legs" of Citrix OpenCloud really make it an end-to-end solution. Citrix has also partnered with some big-name cloud players such as IBM and Rackspace to offer a complete and well integrated product. Enterprises and large businesses would do well to take advantage of at least some of the cloud services Citrix has to offer.

Steven S. Warren is a writer in Florida. He is the author of The VMware Workstation 5 Handbook and held the Microsoft MVP award for 8 consecutive years. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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