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New Tools Integrate Agile Software Development with Traditional PPM : Page 2

Daptiv, Planisware and Rally Software offer tools that support Agile software development practices while providing executive decision-makers with the data they need.


Sign of the Times: Agile Software Development

"Perhaps the clearest sign of the mainstreaming of Agile is the abandonment of orthodoxy: teams are puzzling out the mix of methodologies and combining them to fit within their organizational realities, blending Agile and non-Agile techniques and practices to create a hybrid methodology that fits larger organizations", stated the January 2010 Forrester Research report titled "Agile Development: Mainstream Adoption Has Changed Agility."

The report continued, "Other changes, such as new team dynamics and the redefinition of roles such as the business analyst, show the genuine force behind Agile adoption."

Daptiv claims to solve the challenges posed by different methodologies as it enables PMOs to work with a mix of project types and development methodologies.

Using Daptiv, companies can build project portfolios that leverage traditional waterfall- and Agile-based methods based on the needs of a project. This flexibility delivers visibility into project health without disrupting the culture and work practices of an Agile team.

"This integration with Rally is a direct result of customer feedback for a flexible PPM solution that accommodates best-of-breed Agile development tools," said Ian Knox, Daptiv's vice president of marketing.

From project managers to the executive suite, this PPM solution empowers teams to manage their projects more effectively, he added.

"The integration of Planisware 5 PPM with Rally combines the best-of-breed solutions from both worlds," said Pierre Demonsant, CEO and founder of Planisware. "The two-way Planisware-Rally integration combines the value and benefits of a structured approach to project and product portfolio management with the flexibility of Agile-oriented software development processes."

Planisware 5.2 expands the scope of PPM functionality, providing the business intelligence and decision support needed to better manage the full product lifecycle within NPD and IT organizations.

Integrating Rally data with Planisware gives all stakeholders insight into when a particular feature or bug fix will be implemented, improving transparency and allowing for more accurate planning. When software project management leaders update project and release information within Planisware, the data is synchronized on-demand or in real-time within Rally.

Herman Mehling has written about IT for 25 years. He has written hundreds of articles for leading computer publications and websites.
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