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The Road to Application Portfolio Management: A Case for APM

By comparing the cost savings of applications to the cost of maintaining them, Application Portfolio Management (APM) can bring efficiency to enterprise operations and development.


Amidst the escalating complexity of today's IT landscape -- with cloud computing, mobility, new platforms and languages around every corner -- it's easy for IT executives to be lured off course. While adopting all-the-rage technologies or sifting through the increasing number of software option, these executives often fail to consider the current and future needs of the enterprise. Application Portfolio Management (APM) counters IT complexity by providing with a strategic road map to follow and track.

APM Roadmap: Losing Your Way

IT portfolios have always embodied a certain level of complexity because of the inherent intricacies of an IT-dependent business. New requirements emerge, hardware gets replaced, new programming languages come out and architectural standards waver. As the enterprise matures, requirements follow suit.

Mobile devices and broadband networks, for example, have exploded onto the enterprise scene. The dividing line between personal and professional devices is disappearing, creating a new set of problems for IT. Personal devices vary in terms of operating system, hardware and security settings. Yet employees expect each device, no matter the differences, to have access to corporate networks and to be able to smoothly integrate with business functions.

These external changes are forcing organizations to adjust internally as well, shifting the balance of their application portfolios. Some applications may deliver increased value to mobile demands, while others may increase costs. In the face of these challenges, IT executives and decision makers end up simply trying to stay on the road but lose sight of where it's taking them.

Editor's Note: The author, Mannes Neuer, is product director at Micro Focus, makers of APM products. We have selected this article for publication because we believe it to have objective technical merit.

APM Roadmap: Portfolio Potholes

Without a strong hold on IT portfolios, organizations hit major potholes in IT and business processes.

  • Increased development risks with the potential to disrupt the portfolio in unforeseen ways
  • Rise in infrastructure costs to support inefficient and redundant applications
  • Loss of focus on innovation and development of new capabilities as resources are funneled towards maintaining the status quo of just simply keeping the lights on

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