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Application Performance Testing in the DevOps Model : Page 2

Emerging app performance testing solutions are offering real-time testing, deep visibility into apps, integration with multiple technologies, and DevOps collaboration features.


App Performance Testing Tools for Developers

Last week, the industry saw another twist on app performance monitoring and testing with the launch of an ecosystem of tools from Mu Dynamics and its partners. Mu Dynamics, a provider of app testing and validation services through its Blitz solution, teamed with AppHarbour, Acquia, Cloudfare and Heroku to integrate Blitz into platform as a service (PaaS), content management system (CMS) and application acceleration offerings.

This integration enables developers to test the performance of cloud applications without leaving the workflow of their PaaS, CMS or Web management applications, said Ajit Sancheti, co-founder of Mu Dynamics.

By integrating Blitz into established development platforms such as Heroku, AppHarbor, Acquia, CloudFlare, we are making it easy and affordable for developers to test their apps for load and performance -- something that, in many cases, was not happening before," said Sancheti.

"With Blitz's load and performance testing service integrated as a CloudFlare App, our developer customers can measure the baseline performance of their Web applications with quantifiable metrics," said John Roberts, platform lead at CloudFlare.

Sancheti added, "Incorporating a performance testing solution into our customers' continuous integration model is helping them ensure they deliver a high-quality experience for their end-users."

Herman Mehling has written about IT for 25 years. He has written hundreds of articles for leading computer publications and websites.
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