Getting Documentation

Getting Documentation

I am a new VB programmer. I have been researchinginto VB programming using soom custom VBX’s for TCP/IPtype of stuff. I need to know if there is a book or some kind of DOC I can get that explains WinSock1.1 Standards.I know some of the basic command like PWD and CWD but needto find some information about all the other kind of commands likeLIST and RETR. How do I get the information back?? I submit thecommand and get a good response but where is my output?? Can you help me out?

The best and authoritative source for help on all the Internet protocols are the RFCs stored at There are certain RFCs that deal with each protocol, such as FTP. I would imagine that somewhere in the docs for your control they mention the RFC numbers. I don’t have them handy, unfortunately. The best idea is to just go to the InterNIC site and page through the RFCs there to find the commands.


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