NoSQL Options for Developers

More and more enterprise developers are looking for NoSQL datastores to help them manage their big data. But because the field is so new, many developers aren’t aware of their options. Dr. Dobb’s offers an overview of some of the biggest names in NoSQL, including the following:

  • Cassandra–developed by Facebook and inspired Google’s BigTable
  • Couchbase–designed by Memcache as a fast key-value cache for Web apps
  • CouchDB–an open source project written in JavaScript that offers master-master replication for multi-site deployments
  • MongoDB–a very popular NoSQL option developed by the founders of DoubleClick
  • Neo4j–a specialized tool that stores data in graphs rather than tables
  • Redis–an in-memory database designed for speed
  • Riak–designed to work like Amazon’s distributed storage

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