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Building RAD Forms and Menus in Mozilla

The Mozilla Platform is a large software development tool that is a modern blend of XML document processing, scripting languages, and software objects. It is used to create interactive, user-focused applications. This book is a conceptual overview, reference, and tutorial on the use of the platform for building such applications.

n Rapid Application Development with Mozilla, Web, XML, and open standards expert Nigel McFarlane explores Mozilla's revolutionary XML User interface Language (XUL) and its library of well over 1,000 pre-built objects. Using clear and concise instruction, McFarlane explains what companies such a AOL, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and others already know—that Mozilla and XUL are the keys to quickly and easily creating cross-platform, Web-enabled applications. The Mozilla Platform encourages a particular style of software development: rapid application development (RAD). RAD occurs when programmers base their applications-to-be on a powerful development tool that contains much pre-existing functionality. With such a tool, a great deal can be done very quickly. The Mozilla Platform is such a tool.

One strategy for doing RAD is to make sophisticated HTML pages and display them in a Web browser. This book does not explain HTML, nor does it show how to create such pages. It has very little to do with HTML. Instead, it shows how to create applications that require no browser, and that might appear to be nothing like a Web browser. Such applications might be Web-enabled, benefiting from the advantages that Web browsers have, or they might have nothing to do with the Web at all.

Chapter 7: "Forms and Menus" discusses where to find information on menus, forms and menu style options, compares XUL and HTML forms, provides a hands-on section on NoteTaker events and forms, and more.

Download the PDF of Chapter 7: "Forms and Menus"

This chapter is excerpted from the new book, Rapid Application Development with Mozilla by Nigel McFarlane. The chapter is posted with permission from publisher Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, ISBN 0131423436, copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

Nigel McFarlane is a programmer, analyst and writer. His most recent book is "Rapid Application Development with Mozilla". Reach him by e-mail .
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