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Nano-Sheets: A Small But Mighty Spreadsheet Engine in REBOL  : Page 2

Even in today's big-computing environment, not everything useful has to be big. This article shows you how to build a tiny and basic—but powerful—GUI spreadsheet engine in REBOL, using fewer than 1500 bytes of code.

Nano-Sheets—the Complete Code
Pinch yourself. Here it is—a fully functional, cross-platform GUI spreadsheet in one page of code.

   REBOL [Title: "Nano-Sheets"]
   csize: 100x20
   size: 8x16
   col-lbl: func [col] [form to char! 64 + col]
   cell-name: func [x y] [join col-lbl x y]
   mk-var: func [x y] [to lit-word! cell-name x y]
   sheet: copy [
      space 1x1 across
      style cell field csize edge none 
         with [formula: none]
         [enter face  compute  face/para/scroll: 0x0]
      style label text csize white black bold center
   repeat y 1 + size/y [
      repend sheet ['label (csize / 2x1)
         either 1 = y [""] [form y - 1]]
      repeat x size/x [
         append sheet compose/deep
         either 1 = y [
            [label (col-lbl x)]
            [cell with [var: (mk-var x y - 1)]]
      append sheet 'return
   enter: func [face /local data] [
      if empty? face/text [exit]
      set face/var face/text
      data: either #"=" = face/text/1 [ next face/text ][
      if error? try [data: load data] [exit]
      if find [integer! decimal! money! time!
         date! tuple! pair!]   type?/word :data [
            set face/var data exit
      if face/text/1 = #"=" [face/formula: :data]
   compute: does [
      foreach cell cells [
         if cell/formula [
            if error? cell/text: try [do cell/formula] 
               [cell/text: "ERROR!"]
            set cell/var cell/text
            show cell
   lay: layout sheet
   cells: copy []
   foreach face lay/pane [
      if 'cell = face/style [   append cells face]
   focus first cells
   view lay 
The preceding code is the complete Nano-Sheets engine, in fewer than 1,500 bytes. If you ".rap" Nano-Sheets, it shrinks even further—down to 1,051 bytes. The ".rap" process compresses and protects code for professional projects.

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