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Reliable File Writing

Question: I have a DOS-based application (QB4.5) which has been running for some years and I have now updated it to Visual Basic. The application handles several async serial ports

Adding Icons to System Tray

Question: Is is at all possible to create a VB 3.0 applicationto place itself on Win95’s system tray?or does it *have* to be 32 bit (vb4.0) ?If so, how? Answer:

Finding Text in a Text Box

Question: I am looking for code or VBX that allows a user to use an inputbox to locate a word within a textbox. The textbox is connected to a Access

Using User-defined Types Within Procedures

Question: This is a beginner’s question but in a smalldatabase application when I click on a commandbutton the code gives me the error message “Invalid Inside procedure” and highlights the

Passing Parameters by Reference

Question: I have a function in a DLL that I want to call from VB program. The Dll function has few parameters. Some of them should be passed from vb

Memory Limitations in List Box

Question: I want to add a large amount of items to a list box ,3700 to be exact, and in the future the number of items could grow even more.

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