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Simplifying Null Check in Java

To avoid null exceptions, we usually validate against null and emptiness as shown: if(object != null && !object.equals(“”)) {} We

Automation of Tasks

Automation of tasks is a good concept. Consider the example below in which you create a task and schedule it


Extract Faces Using Amazon Rekognition

AmazonRekognitionClient amazonRekognitionClient = new AmazonRekognitionClient(Amazon.RegionEndpoint.);byte[] imageData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(inputImageFile);DetectFacesRequest facesRequest =

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Installing Database Application

Question: I am having trouble using the setup wizard for a project I have created in Visual Basic. The problem is after I setup the program on another computer, the font I programmed in (American Unical) shows up as Times New Roman on that computer. It also says it can’t

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Using the CancelError Property

Question: You said there’s an example in the VB help file on use of theCancelError = true property. Where is it? In my app, I can get VB to generatethe message, but I can’t do anything with it. Thanks. Answer: The CancelError property is a property of the common dialog.

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Trapping Cancel Button

Question: In a simple loop on a form with a Cancel Button:DoHere I want to Check to see if a user pushed a cancel button(Cancel Property is set to true)(While in loop can’t get focus to Cancel Button to see if it was pushed. Setting focus to it does not

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Closing a Database

Question: I have made a program to use a database, and will makea copy of this file to a disk. The problem is that Ican’t make a copy of the file when the database file is inuse. How can I close the database file in the program? Answer: Do a

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Using Generic Objects

Question: I am using a subroutine which involves 2 list boxes in a pick box configuration. I take the literal boxname [Form.Control] and load it to a variable- BoxName. I then pass this to a module sub which processes the data. When I try to get the number of items

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Saving Window Changes When Unloading

Question: How do you save the choices when changing forms and shutting down the program. Do I have to use a module to store the changes? Answer: If you have options in a form, put the save code in the Unload event of the form. That will be executed whenever

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