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Multithreading in Python

Using ThreadPoolExecutor from the concurrent.futures library, we can spin threads quickly and execute tasks in parallel. Wrap your time consuming


online business models

6 Online Business Models to Watch

Online businesses operate through the internet. Beyond that, however, their business models vary. Just like physical companies, they use different

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SQL Injection Tips, Part 1

SQL injection is probably the most common and easiest hacking technique out there. Now, don’t think I condone it, I’m



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Generating Special HTML Tags

Question: I am trying to use Print# statements to create an HTMLtext file and VB3 that I am using keeps interpreting the HTML characters as Data Types and operators saying it wants an Expression:expected message. Answer: The problem is that while HTML requires lots of double quotes, VB considers the

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Binding to a Database

Question: Is it possible to bind a cell in a grid with a database field (as we can do for text boxes and some other controls)? Answer: In VB3, the standard grid does not support data binding. If you get the TrueGrid control or one from Sheridan, those controls support

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Creating Nested Queries

Question: My question is with regards to VB’s ability to handle complexSQL. I have the application I am developing set up in the followingway: I copy the SQL created into the recordsource of a data control and then refresh the data control. The problem I am having is with SQL

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Including Single Quotes in Queries

Question: How do you include a single quotation mark in a query?Example:“Select * From BATCH Where BATCH.NAME = ‘O’Connel’” Answer: Simply replace the single quote with two single quotes together. Since most databases (if not all) use single quotes to delimit strings, you have to put two of them together

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Advantages/Disadvantages of Using Sub Main

Question: Can you please tell me when do you use Sub Main and the advantages of using it? Answer: In certain programs, initialization code has to run before any windows load. In many cases, this code isn’t specifically related to a window, so it is put in a separate .BAS

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Putting Controls on MDI Forms

Question: I have a project I am working on including an MDIform with a toolbar. I am wanting to put a combobox on the toolbar, but VB4 will not let me putcombo boxes on an MDI form. What can I do? Answer: One popular solution is to put the combo

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