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Multithreading in Python

Using ThreadPoolExecutor from the concurrent.futures library, we can spin threads quickly and execute tasks in parallel. Wrap your time consuming


online business models

6 Online Business Models to Watch

Online businesses operate through the internet. Beyond that, however, their business models vary. Just like physical companies, they use different

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Putting Controls on MDI Forms

Question: I have a project I am working on including an MDIform with a toolbar. I am wanting to put a combobox on the toolbar, but VB4 will not let me putcombo boxes on an MDI form. What can I do? Answer: One popular solution is to put the combo

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Data Controls and Open Connections

Question: I have five data controls on a form that access five tablesfrom the same database. I want to open the database just once.Does having five data controls mean that the databse is openedfive times? Is there any way to open the databse programatically and assign the resultant recordset to

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Question: How do I write a help file in Word 6, and then, how do I compile it? I can’t find any documentation on it. Answer: This is unfortunately not included in the printed manuals. However, if you look on your CD, there is a thing called Books Online, or

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Creating Public Methods vs. Using Show Directly

Question: The program I am writing has two menu items for displaying say, autoexec.bat and config.sys respectively. I would like to make it so thatthey only need to call a form which contains a richtext box to display the files, but I didn’t knowhow to tell the form what file

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Filling from Recordset

Question: How do I fill a combo box with the values from an Access 2.0query or table? I have the compatibility layer installed and everything works except I can’t figure out the combo box. Answer: This is a matter of coding it…I’m sure your db connectivity is there. Here’s a

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Compilation Requirements

Question: I know I need VB40032.DLL to run my visual basic programs,but I was wondering if it is possible to make a VB executablethat does not require VB40032.dll. Answer: VB40032.DLL is the runtime interpreter for Visual Basic. Until now, Microsoft has not built a compiler that would eliminate the use

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