Cloud Waste

Definition of Cloud Waste Cloud waste refers to the inefficient use or underutilization of cloud computing resources, which can lead to increased costs and unnecessary energy consumption. This can occur

Crowd Intelligence Software

Definition of Crowd Intelligence Software Crowd Intelligence Software refers to a type of technology that harnesses the collective knowledge, insights, and opinions of large groups of people. This software typically

Closed-Loop Control System

Definition of Closed-Loop Control System A closed-loop control system is a type of control system that continuously monitors and adjusts its output based on feedback from the controlled process. It

Concurrent Computing

Definition of Concurrent Computing Concurrent computing refers to a programming paradigm in which multiple tasks or processes are executed concurrently, instead of sequentially. This is achieved by breaking down a

Control Structure

Definition of Control Structure A control structure is a fundamental concept in programming that determines the flow of a program’s execution. It allows a program to make decisions, repeat processes,

California Consumer Privacy Act

Definition of California Consumer Privacy Act The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a data privacy law that was enacted in California in 2018. It aims to provide California residents

Compute Unified Device Architecture

Definition of Compute Unified Device Architecture Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) is a parallel computing platform and programming model developed by NVIDIA. It allows software developers to use NVIDIA graphics


Definition of ChatOps ChatOps is a collaboration model that integrates communication tools, such as messaging applications and chat rooms, with software development and operational processes. This model facilitates real-time sharing

Confusion Matrix

Definition of Confusion Matrix A confusion matrix, also known as an error matrix, is a table used to describe the performance of a classification model on a set of data