Feasibility Study

Definition A feasibility study is a preliminary analysis conducted to evaluate the potential viability of a project, idea, or solution before committing resources to its development. It assesses various aspects,

Floppy Disk Controller

Definition A Floppy Disk Controller (FDC) is a specialized electronic circuit that manages the operation of floppy disk drives. It enables communication between the computer system and the floppy disk

Final Cut Pro

Definition Final Cut Pro is a professional non-linear video editing software developed by Apple Inc. It allows users to edit and manipulate digital video, audio, and design various visual effects

Fatal Error

Definition A fatal error, also known as a critical error or a system crash, is a severe issue within a program or system that suddenly stops functioning. This type of

FTP Explorer

Definition FTP Explorer is a software application that allows users to easily navigate and manage files on remote FTP servers. It functions similar to the Windows File Explorer, providing a

Functional Requirement

Definition A functional requirement is a specific feature or capability that a system should possess in order to meet its intended purpose and satisfy its users’ needs. It defines the

Flat File System

Definition A flat file system refers to a system in which data is stored in a single file, opposed to a hierarchical or relational structure. Each entry in the flat


Definition A ferrule is a small, cylindrical component, often made of metal, ceramic, or plastic, used to strengthen, protect, or join various parts within a system. In technology, ferrules are

Full-Text Search

Definition Full-Text Search is a search technique used in databases and search engines to quickly and efficiently locate relevant results by searching for precise words or phrases within the entire