Finite Field

Definition A finite field, also known as a Galois field, is a mathematical construct that consists of a finite number of elements and two operations, namely addition and multiplication, that

Full Adder

Definition A Full Adder is a digital circuit that performs the arithmetic operation of adding three binary digits, commonly known as bits. It takes three inputs, typically represented as A,

Full Virtualization

Definition Full virtualization is a technology that enables the creation of virtual machines that completely simulate underlying hardware, allowing multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single host system.

File Descriptor

Definition A file descriptor is a unique identifier, typically an integer, used by an operating system to reference an open file or input/output resource, such as a file, socket, or

Fuzzy Search

Definition Fuzzy search is a search algorithm that returns results that are approximate matches instead of exact matches for a given query. This technique is particularly useful for handling typos,

Fever Chart

Definition A fever chart, in technology terms, refers to a graphical representation of data trends, usually used to monitor performance, progress, or fluctuations over a specific period. It helps in

Ferroelectric Random Access Memory

Definition Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FeRAM or FRAM) is a type of non-volatile memory that utilizes ferroelectric materials to store information, allowing it to retain data even when power is

Fine-Structure Constant

Definition The fine-structure constant, often denoted by the symbol α, is a dimensionless fundamental physical constant that characterizes the strength of the electromagnetic interaction between elementary charged particles. It plays


Definition Flexography is a printing technique that uses flexible relief plates, typically made of rubber or photopolymer, to create high-quality, consistent prints on various substrates. It is commonly used in