Hot Standby

Definition Hot Standby is a method used in system redundancy where a parallel system runs simultaneously with the primary system. If the primary system fails, the standby system immediately replaces

Heavy Internet Use

Definition Heavy Internet Use is a term used to describe an individual or a system’s extensive use or dependence on the internet. This typically involves spending a significant portion of


Definition Hacking, in technology terms, refers to the act of manipulating or gaining unauthorized access to a computer system, network, or digital device with or without malicious intent. It involves

High-Level Assembler

Definition A High-Level Assembler (HLA) is a programming tool that incorporates high-level language elements, such as syntax and structures, into the traditional assembler language. It aims to make the code

Hot Site

Definition A hot site is a term in disaster recovery related to technology infrastructure, referring to a replica of a company’s data center that is fully equipped and ready to

Hybrid Kernel

Definition A hybrid kernel is a type of operating system kernel that combines aspects of both microkernels and monolithic kernels. It aims to incorporate the speed and simpler design of

High-Speed Packet Access

Definition High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) is a mobile telephony protocol that improves upon 3G-speed data transmission technology. This technology essentially serves as the bridge between third generation (3G) and fourth


Definition Hyperthreading is a technology developed by Intel that allows a single microprocessor to behave as if it’s two separate processors. It increases computational efficiency by processing two sets of

Hard Drive Encryption

Definition Hard drive encryption is a security process in which data stored on a hard drive is converted into a form that cannot be understood by anyone who doesn’t have