Host-Based Modem

Definition A host-based modem, also called a soft modem or software modem, is a modem that relies heavily on the computing resources of the host computer to perform tasks like

Hot Server

Definition A hot server is a backup server that is used for disaster recovery in an IT environment. It is a duplicate of the original server, with real-time updates, and

Hello World

Definition “Hello World” is a commonly used phrase in the field of computer programming. It is the simple text output typically produced by someone’s first program when learning a new


Definition Hacktivism refers to the use of computer hacking and digital techniques in promoting or advancing political or social causes. It’s a form of protest that operates in cyberspace, employing


Definition Hashing is a computer science process that transforms any size input of data into a fixed-length output. This output, called a hash code or hash value, is typically a

High-Ping Bastard

Definition “High-Ping Bastard” is an informal term often used in online gaming communities. It refers to a player whose internet connection has high latency, indicated by a high ping rate.

Hamming Code

Definition Hamming code is a specific set of error-detection or error-correction codes that computer systems use to identify and correct errors that might occur in the binary code during data

Hybrid Fiber Coaxial

Definition Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) is a telecommunications technology that combines the use of fiber optic and coaxial cable to create a network infrastructure. This technology leverages the high-speed data

Hampster Dance

Definition The “Hampster Dance” refers to one of the earliest Internet memes and viral videos. It originated as a webpage in 1998 that featured rows of animated hamsters and other