Inference Engine

Definition An inference engine is a component of artificial intelligence (AI) systems that derives logical conclusions from a set of facts or data. It uses predefined rules and algorithms to

Intelligence Explosion

Definition Intelligence Explosion refers to a hypothetical scenario where an artificially intelligent system undergoes rapid self-improvement, leading to a sudden surge in its cognitive abilities. This process could result in

Iris Flower Data Set

Definition The Iris Flower Data Set, also known as Fisher’s Iris Data Set, is a collection of statistics related to three classes of iris flowers, namely Iris setosa, Iris virginica,

IT Service Management as a Service

Definition IT Service Management as a Service (ITSMaaS) refers to the outsourcing of IT service management activities and processes to a third-party service provider. Essentially, it involves utilizing cloud-based technologies

Intelligence Amplification

Definition Intelligence Amplification (IA) refers to the use of technology and various tools to enhance human cognitive capabilities, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. IA focuses on augmentating human intellect by assisting

Infinite Sequence

Definition Infinite sequence refers to an ordered list of elements that continues indefinitely, with each element following a specific pattern or rule. It often appears in mathematics and computer science,

Intelligent Edge

Definition Intelligent Edge refers to the practice of processing and analyzing data closer to the source of its generation, rather than relying solely on centralized cloud systems. This approach incorporates

Independent Component Analysis

Definition Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is a computational technique used in signal processing and data analysis. It aims to separate a multivariate signal into its individual, statistically independent components. This

Impedance Mismatch

Definition Impedance mismatch, in the context of technology, refers to the disagreement or inconsistency between different components, systems, or models, often leading to suboptimal performance or loss of information. More