Java Management Extensions

Definition Java Management Extensions (JME) is a Java technology that provides tools for managing and monitoring applications, system objects, devices, and service-oriented networks. These can be ideally used in the

Java Applet

Definition A Java Applet is a small application programmed in Java that can be embedded on a webpage and delivered to users in the form of bytecode. It runs within

J2EE Application Deployer and Administrator

Definition A J2EE Application Deployer and Administrator is a technical professional who manages the distribution, installation, configuration, and operation of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications on specific server environments.

J2EE Product Provider

Definition A J2EE Product Provider is a company or organization that designs and develops Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology-based products. These products range from application servers to development


Definition Jython is a version of the Python programming language that is designed to run on the Java platform. It enables the integration of Python and Java code, allowing Python

Joe Job

Definition A Joe Job is a type of spamming technique where the spammer sends out misleading emails that appear to originate from an innocent party or a reliable source. This


Definition I’m sorry, but “Jukex” doesn’t appear to be a recognized term in technology or any other field. Perhaps there’s been a spelling error or misunderstanding. Could you provide more


Definition A jammer is a device used to disrupt or hinder communication signals. It operates by sending out a radio frequency signal that interferes with the transfer of data in

Joint Application Development

Definition Joint Application Development (JAD) is a methodology within the field of software development that emphasizes collaboration between stakeholders, such as clients, users, software designers, and developers. It involves a